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randomly generated words

java script

since 2008

Wenn du die Spanplatte spüren möchtest, 

die ich für dich hingelegt habe, 

musst du das Aufrechte Fingerkraut runterdrücken.

Studie zu Handlungsfraktalen

2015 - 2016

Regie, Kamera, Schnitt: 

Michael Otto, Ute Ringel, Andreas Sell

Musik: Andreas Hoffschildt

HD, stereo, 2:32 min


Henry, 2018

canvas print, 120 x 80cm


Neue Kunstinitiative Marzahn Hellersdorf

Projektraum, Marzahner Promenade 


Feuerlöscher, 2011

Stefan in der Tür, 2010

80 x 114 cm

alternatives Ende, 2018

Adaption der Endsequenz aus „Die Architekten“

Videoloop, 15min

untitled (spirit level)


colour print, 70x100cm



series of photograms

50x60 cm, 40x30 cm

The photograms in the WBS70 series examine the dispersion of light throughout the interior of a typical East Berlin social housing complex, over the course of a day. For this project, a to-scale model replica of my place of residence during the years 1985-1995 was constructed and its interiors over light sensitive paper exposed, tracing the insidiousness of lightwaves. This research followed a journey between Hiroshima and Nagasaki, considering the finiteness of the sun.

apocalypse later


photographic series of taxidermic animals in their natural environment

colour prints, 60x80cm

let freedom ring


documentation of casted molehills 

in different geometric constellations

processed landscapes


slide projection 

installation view at AnalogueNow, example pictures

untitled (cigno)


performance in public space, Venice

remote controlled swan


HD Video, 30“44, loop, stereo 

music: interpretation of Camille Saint-Saëns by Lisa J. Schwab

Bird Seed Bird House




Edition of 30

unframed 30x40cm

Bird Seed Bird House

bird seed dow


unlimited winter edition

processed birdhouse

series of five prints, 30x30cm

grand opening


audio installation

speakers on the roof, DVD Player 

Kunsthalle Berlin am Hamburger Platz, 

cacophonic composition of social noise recorded during various openings in Berlin



installation view


honoring Prof. Berndt Wilde


fire extinguisher

installation view 

Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz


since 2010

site specific installation

33°35'15.28''N 130°23'43.85''E 

Fukuoka, Japan

paint on rooftop of KONYA2023

Combining the shortage of parking with the wish for  global pacification I installed a parking space for alien spacecrafts on the roof of KONYA2023.

google maps

random gymnastics : from XYZ1 to XYZ1 (2) 

solo exhibition at KONYA 2023, Fukuoka, Japan, 2010

International Anthem


performance at Teshigen Hall, Fukuoka, Japan 

Simultaneously, each member of a choir sings a different national anthem, resulting in a discordant cacophony.

Composition for Goat and Piano 


Komposition für Ziegen und Klavier

Video, DVD, 9.30 min

Partitur für Klavier und Ziegenhorn

Die Komposition für Ziegen und Klavier ist eine offene Komposition, die lediglich die Einbringung des Instrumentes in ein Tiergehege vorsieht. Die Interaktion der Tiere  bleibt dabei unbestimmt, leitet sich von deren Physis ab.

Die Partitur notiert zwei Stimmen, einerseits die Klaviertöne und zum anderen die Aktionen des Ziegenhornes am Instrument. Ziel der Partitur, als einer nachträglichen Fixierung des Unbestimmten ist es, Aufführungen der Komposition durch menschliche Musiker zu ermöglichen.

urban gymnastics 


PAL, loop

dog announcements


At a visit in Lisboa I took off an A4 printout from a lantern pole and replaced it with another one i took off from a concrete pole in Fukuoka while i replaced the japanese one with the portugese.

Foto in Lisboa by Fabrice Ziegler, 2008

urban piano

single channel video, PAL, 2008 


sonification of a pedestrian crossing

Fukuoka, Japan

Guard securing a tree in the woods of Hiroshima

print from diapositive, 70x100 cm, 2007

performance without audience, documentation 

HCU, Hiroshima, Japan


honoring Prof. Yanagi

diapositive, photography, 2007

bicycle, antipathwise on a path from the dormitory of Hiroshima City University to the Faculty of Contemporary Art (CAT)

red pencils