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urban piano

single channel video, PAL, 2008 

excerpt: length 3:33

sonification of a pedestrian crossing

Fukuoka, Japan


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Alternative End


PAL, stereo: Händel Messia, 16 min.

Alternative End is a video work comprised of looped footage from the final scene of ‘Die Architekten’, a GDR-made film from 1990. Die Architekten was a box-office flop: soon before the film’s due release date the Berlin Wall was opened and amidst the ensuing social change the radical message was no longer of the same urgent relevance. 

The film’s narrative sketches the thwarted attempts by a young idealistic East German architect to build a socially progressive housing development. The iconic final scene of the protagonist drunkenly vomiting at the empty launch of his completely compromised vision is a tragic portrait of personal, social and ideological failure. 

Alternative End loops this final scene continuously forward and backwards, suspending the film, the protagonist, this historical moment in indefinite stasis, indefinite possibility.


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International Anthem


composition for human voices

duration adjustable

Simultaneously, each member of a choir sings a different national anthem, resulting in a discordant cacophony.

photo: performance on at Teshigen Hall, Fukuoka, Japan

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recording at Teshigan Hall, Fukuoka, december 2008

lenght: 12:20 min

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untitled (cigno)


performance in public space, Venice

remote controlled swan


HD Video, length: 30“44, loop, stereo 

music: interpretation of Camille Saint-Saëns `The Swan`from `The Carnival of the Animals` by Lisa J. Schwab


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If you want to feel the chipboard, that I layed out for you, you´ll have to push down the sulphur cinquefoil.

a study on fractal acting 

2015 - 2016

directing, camera, edit: 

Michael Otto, Ute Ringel, Andreas Sell

transverse flute: Andreas Hoffschildt

HD, stereo, 2:32 min


The film was filmed and edited in and around Berlin and Eberswalde from 2015 to 2016 and is one of several outcomes of a long term collaborative project between Micha Otto, Ute Ringel and Andreas Sell, who work together as the collective Kunstgruppe. Since 2015 Kunstgruppe has been trying through varied forms and media in episodic attempts to solve the very problems of collectivity: how to make and resolve works as an ensemble? Kunstgruppe, is a durational collaborative project, navigating the problems of togetherness. The group switches from collective painting, to performance, to film, to Group therapy and open plenum, continuously navigating the problem of how to be and make together.

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